i was mako deprived this week ;m;


no but bi harry deliberately fucking with ron like they’re at christmas dinner or w/e and harry just goes “you know ron i’m in love with your sister and everything but if bill was single…goddamn. i’d go there”

bill winks across the table at harry

ron screams

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Never thought I’d live to see Japanese dubbed Ed, Edd n’ Eddy

The best anime

oh my GOD Jimmys voice

jesus christ this made it back to my dashboard

I just heard Ed say kawaii, I have now had the final satisfaction I needed from this show.

Hearing English writing in Japanese is the weirdest… fucking… thing…




“I’m taking a bath with my boyfriend”

He’s evolving

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'A date with the devil' 

A story behind the selfie pic that Alex got in a text message from his lil bara demon brother. 

*credits to clumzyjr for the story suggestion when I was stuck with this weekly theme. 

a flashback comic of sorts. Did guy really made a Faustian deal with a demon? 

nico's coming out was problematic because it was forced. it wasn't on his own time, he wasn't (isn't) comfortable with himself, and i guarantee he wishes it never happened. it's problematic.

It’s not problematic. It is realistic.

Listen here friend, lemme tell you something fun: Not everyone gets to come out on their own free will. Not everyone is comfortable with themselves when they come out. Not everyone gets to prepare themselves to come out.

I came out because I was bullied a shitload. I thought coming out would stop it (and to be honest? It kinda did). I came out when I still wasn’t even sure of my sexuality. I just knew I wasn’t straight. My mom found out and proceeded to tell my whole family without consulting me first about it. I was not only forced out, but everyone came to know before I was even comfortable with myself.

The reason I’m sodefensive of Nico’s coming out scene is because I can connect to it. For once in my life it wasn’t one of those “I felt like it was time so I came out!” scenes. It was a “I had no choice or else I was fucked.” I loved that. I loved it. I loved the fact I finally found something that understood what I went through. 

Nico’s coming out story was not problematic. It was relatable to the LGBT+ children who never got the chance to come out on their own and had it thrust upon them in one way or another. It’s a representation of a minority that never gets any light. Coming out isn’t always sunshine and rainbows.


i was making some bird silhouettes for an asighnment in class today and i doodled some haikyuu during notes so… yah. heres this:)